I am an experienced architect and artist who explores creativity in many different media and tries to integrate what I have learned into my architecture.   Although this site only shows rendering, drawing and painting, and jewelry art, I have also explored pottery, music, and sculpture.   Each art form has something unique to teach us regarding form, space, composition, color, materials, sound, etc.   Drawing upon these different fields when creating architecture has given my architecture greater depth and richness, as well as a greater sense of uniqueness and quality. In addition, I have studied many forms of alternative healing and green building practices and try to incorporate them whenever possible.


            University of California at Berkeley    1962-1967

            Bachelor of Architecture   (5 year program)


            Lee Phillips Architect, Pacific Grove, CA            1980-1990

            Lee Phillips Architect, Shaw Island, WA             1990-2003

            Lee Phillips Architect, Fountain Hills, AZ            2003-2017

           .Lee Phillips Architect, Sun City West, AZ            2017-


            State of California Architect           (since 1975)

            State of Arizona Architect              (since 2003)


            Exhibited drawings in various Monterey Bay galleries                      1970-1977

            Exhibited watercolors in various Monterey Bay galleries                  1977-1985

            Featured artist in Monterey Life Magazine as watercolorist

            Winner of Design Contest to remodel City Center for City of Marina, California     1980

            Asked by City of Monterey to illustrate its "Monterey II" planning booklet

            Member of Architecture Review Board, City of Pacific Grove

            Featured solo pianist/composer for Pacific Grove Bicentennial        1987

            Exhibited original jewelry art in various galleries nation wide          1992-present

            Featured jewelry artist in Lapidary Journal Magazine                       1998

            Featured jewelry artist in Ornament Magazine                                  2000

            One of 70 American figurative jewelry artists asked to participate in

            "American Figurative Jewelry Artists" exhibition in England/Ireland   2000

            Featured in "Art Jewelry Today", a book by Dona Meilach                 2003

            Fountain Hills Licensed Contractors Association                          2003-2006


I have been a practicing Architect since 1975.   I practiced for 20 years in the Monterey Bay area of California, and for 13 years in the San Juan Islands, Washington.   I moved to Arizona in 2003.  


My design approach is a team approach.   I see myself and the people who hire me as equals who work together to create a solution to a well-defined program.   Where possible, I try to provide options or several solutions to a given issue rather than just one.   This allows us to discuss pros and cons of any given solution in a relative way and helps make decisions more informed.


I do not work in a particular style or with a specific architectural vocabulary.   I approach each opportunity fresh with a concern for certain basics which include an efficient and well functioning plan designed around specific furniture layouts, an architectural form which is a careful result of acknowledging the desires (including budget) of the client as well as the needs of the site, an efficient use of materials and energy, and a concern for the quality of each aspect of our work.   Over the years, I have been asked to design in probably every major style and can certainly do so if a certain style is desired.   I have worked to develop skills which allow me to "read" the land and develop a form, or style, which comes from the land and yet is appropriate to the area in which it is built. The work I have included in this Portfolio are intended to show my flexibility in Design.


I support any attempt we can make to design and build in an environmentally friendly way and am acquainted with many approaches used in alternative building.


In addition to architecture, I also draw in most media, paint in watercolor, compose music, and design and fabricate jewelry.   My artwork has been shown in a number of galleries and is in a number of private collections.   I have worked these various disciplines in and around architecture and I feel they have enriched each other and the architecture itself so that I can offer you a unique service.